We have redesigned numerous Northeast Ohio and National businesses’ websites.

Sometimes a recently built website just needs a “fresh coat” of design rather than rebuilding the website “brick by brick.”  However, if the website was built more than a few years ago then it may make more sense to start from scratch to take advantage of the latest web design innovations.

We address the following key elements that make a website redesign worth the investment:

  • Aesthetic style elements- We work with you to best define your brand through the proper balance of important web design elements such as color, fonts, logo design, and layout.
  • Usability- how easily can your customer navigate through your website to your end goal
  • Onsite SEO– We take into account how your potential customer searches for you online and optimize your website so that it is keyword aligned for all of the various elements that are most important to the search engines such as Title tags, H1, H2, alt tags, internal and external linking, etc.
  • The latest Social Media integration- We install customized social media integration during your website redesign so that you can not only connect, but engage with your customers and build your website’s social media footprint.
  • Hosting- We recommend the appropriate hosting for your particular website’s traffic, functionality and security needs.

Checkout a few of our recent website redesigns:

  • Website Redesign- Buckin’ Ohio

    Website Redesign- Buckin’ Ohio

    Music & Entertainment, Responsive Website, Website Redesign

  • Life Coach Web Design

    Life Coach Web Design

    eCommerce Development, Website Redesign

  • Website Redesign – Akron Dry Cleaner

    Website Redesign – Akron Dry Cleaner

    Website Redesign

  • Manufacturing Website Development – Pet Industry

    Manufacturing Website Development – Pet Industry

    eCommerce Development, Manufacturing Web Design, Website Redesign

  • Medical Company Web Design

    Medical Company Web Design

    Responsive Website, Retail, Website Redesign