eCommerce Development – Motorcycle Parts

This client’s original eCommerce website was dated, difficult to search for specific products, and lacked the excitement of motorcycles that their brand is all about. It screamed for a cool vintage bike racing across the screen, but we didn’t want to detract from the calls to action like “Shop Parts.” We also wanted to highlight the website’s search functionality and their YouTube channel on the homepage, so we created a dynamic slideshow.  They wanted a new website with the ability to showcase their featured products by make on the homepage.  It was built before responsive web design came about.  Notice the huge white space on their previous website when viewed on today’s wide screens (below).

Part of the challenge in building their new eCommerce site involved determining how to organize the various parts categories and configuring robust real-time search functionality so that their customers could search by part number, brand, model, and various other key word terms.  We created a deep responsive menu for all of the key makes.  We had to take into consideration that their existing website had active buyers and pretty good Google rankings already for several traffic driving search terms for vintage motorcycle parts.  Therefore, we made sure we did proper 3o1 redirects for core ranking pages.  However, their old website had virtually know onsite SEO done and there were numerous pages with duplicate meta descriptions, titles and content.  We knew the newly developed website could improve their rankings for other key search terms and additional long-tail search terms that were valuable to their business. You can see a screenshot below of their old website before we redesigned it.

Watch the video below to view this eCommerce website’s search functionality in action: