Are you looking for a video production team in Akron or Cleveland that doesn’t just “shoot video?”

We are a video production company offering Full HD production capabilities in Akron and Cleveland.  Our cameramen, script writers, and directors have over 45 years combined experience in creating compelling video. We shoot video on location throughout Ohio with the fastest turnaround.

Why hire a video production company vs. a cameraman?

A professionally produced video is one of the most effective ways to convey your brand’s character, mood and message to your customers. While there are times where the “Blair Witch Project”  or “GoPro” approach may work, most businesses shouldn’t trust their video production to a college kid and a camera who shows up the day of production asking “where do you want me?”  When you hire a professional video production company like DigitalHipster you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have a skilled and integrated team working for you who can plan your video project from start to finish and make sure your video reaches your goals.  A good video production company knows how to format your videos for the Web, TV, and mobile.

For large scale video production projects, we start with detailed storyboards so that your video project goes flawlessly and your message reaches your audience through the power of sight, sound and motion that only online video and TV can produce. Regardless of the size of your project, we’ll produce a video that you can be proud to say you hired us to do.

We also offer drone video production through

Our Video Production Capabilities Include:

  • commercial concept creation
  • writing storyboards
  • shooting and editing for all video lengths and formats
  • video editing of existing footage

Typical video production formats we offer include:

  • Long form video: 30 minute infomercials shot in standard or HD for websites or television
  • Two minute to five minute product or service demo videos shot in standard or high definition for websites or TV
  • :30 second, and :15 second commercial video for websites or TV in HD for a website or television