Web Design, Online Marketing, Mobile and Video: A 360 Degree approach to Digital Marketing

We’re a digital media marketing agency offering a rare mix of technical online marketing know-how, professional website design and compelling advertising creative.

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We help Akron, Cleveland and national businesses capture more business through Optimized Web Design, Video Production for TV and Internet, Online MarketingSocial Media and Mobile Web Design.

What does this means to you?

When you work with DigitalHipster, you are not hiring just a geek who knows his way around the technical aspects of web development or a graphic designer who can create a great looking website (but neglects crucial backend development and SEO factors). You’re hiring a digital marketing company that gets the “Hipster” element of creativity and defining what sets you apart from your competitor that’s crucial for real online marketing results. While our “Hipster” side loves coming up with creative website design elements and cool video production, our strategic “Digital” side takes the time to research and understand what makes your company tick and most importantly, who your customers are. Then we put on our geek hats and go to work.

To paraphrase the renowned Advertising Professor, Jef l Richards, “Creative without strategy is called ‘Art,’ Creative with strategy is called ‘Advertising.”

When we work with a client for an online marketing campaign, website design or video production project; we take into account how the “Digital” connects to the “Hipster.” Our team makes sure the technical aspects such as tracking your Online ROI and executing a cost-effective online or TV advertising campaign fit consistently with the message of your brand and the aesthetic qualities that matches your target audience.

We are New Media for Old School Success.

The days of running ads in the newspaper and expecting the same results you got even five years ago are over. If you’re not getting at least a 1/3 of your business from online today, call us @ 330-331-7189.


DigitalHipster produced a series of videos for Hyatt Legal Plans. They delivered exactly what we wanted and made the entire process very easy. Their friendly, professional staff put interviewees at ease and were a pleasure to work with. They were also highly responsive at every stage of production from pre -to -post.

Jennifer Gaglione, Associate Marketing Director
Hyatt Legal Plans
Need a designed site that works? DigitalHipster! Check em out, Do not hesitate, I found their services to be friendly and helpful in establishing a functioning foundation for my site, allowing clients ease to discover and view my availability to create pictured messages. Good people and reasonable! It was a pleasure, thank you, much appreciation! DigitalHipster rocks!

D. Sullivan, Eme4Art.com
DigitalHipster is right on target for what I am looking for. Matt is very professional and all requirements are listed in writing to ease the trouble of mis/undercommunicating.

Dr. Kevin Trice, Pulmonary Apps

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