DigitalHipster Inc. Announces Partnership with Ad Network

DigitalHipster Inc. has partnered with Semcasting to offer their patented Smart Zones® household, business, direct-to-device advertising and big data to our customers.

This new partnership provides DigitalHipster™ with a dedicated Enterprise-Level marketing research team, data, unparalleled access to all major online networks, and gives our creative team better insight to best tailor our clients’ advertising creative for specific niches.

“We’re excited about this next generation of granular digital advertising and what it means for our clients’ success. Aside from the response they get from their ads, what our clients like most about this new service is the fact that there are no wasted ad dollars spent on unqualified buyers who don’t fit their specific customer profiles. Their display ad and video ad network integrates nicely with current Search Engine Marketing (Adwords) campaigns and greatly improves the reach and efficiency of our clients’ online advertising and overall online marketing efforts.”

Matt Ross, President of DigitalHipster Inc.

Here’s a few highlights of this exciting new highly targeted Ad technology:

  • 100% accurately targeted display ad and video pre-roll commercials down to specific IP addresses (unique device IDs)
  • Onboard up-to 100% of your CRM files for online targeting
  • Over 750 consumer variables used for household targeting
  • Geo-fence to serve ads to devices seen at specific events or locations. Perfect for targeting rock concerts, tradeshows, car shows, competitor locations, company prospects, etc.
  • Able to provide specific lead details such as email, phone, and address from website visitors
  • Network serves ads to your customized, individual audience- not just browsers or websites
  • Includes Facebook, YouTube, major Social Media platforms and news networks

For more details about this exciting new partner’s capabilities see:

If you’d like to find out more about better targeting potential customers for your business with this next-level digital ad technology, Social Media or search engine optimization, give us a call at 330-331-7189. or email us today.

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